NEXTBLUE (Administered by LLC nest), Selected as a Contracted Business Operator for “TOKYO SUTEAM,” a Project Supporting Startups from Diverse Entities in Japan and Europe

NEXTBLUEII Limited Liability Partnership (Location: Chuo-ku, Tokyo; Representative Partners: Kanako Inoue, Yuichi Kori, Vincent Tan), in collaboration with LLC nest, has been selected as a contracted project under this year’s newly launched “TOKYO SUTEAM” (various entities supporting startup development) in Tokyo.

Consequently, we are initiating the “Tokyo Startup Ecosystem Globalization Project,” aimed at attracting startups from the West to Japan, focusing on women’s wellbeing. This project will offer services mainly in the market research phase and the establishment phase of Japanese branches.

During the market research phase, we will conduct market research on necessary permissions, user trends, competitive conditions for European businesses in Japan, implement Proof of Concept (POC) within our fund’s LP participating companies, verify marketing strategies in the Japanese market, and estimate costs.

In the phase of establishing Japanese branches, we plan to provide support for product localization, recruitment preparation, proposals for collaboration with local Japanese manufacturers and wholesalers, project management support, and PR/marketing in Japan.

Despite the deepening healthcare issues for women and their increasing activity, sufficient solutions have not yet been provided in Japan. By inviting Western startups, we hope to increase awareness in this field domestically, and contribute to the birth and revitalization of startups in the wellbeing area in Tokyo.

Asia has been known to struggle in attracting global startups due to its uniqueness, but recently, there has been a renewed interest in the Japanese market from the West. As Tokyo strives to become a central figure in the “Asian Startup Ecosystem,” NEXT BLUE will play a key role as a stepping stone for Western startups entering Asia, promoting and operating this contracted project.

Furthermore, Tokyo Tatemono Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Hitoshi Nomura), which operates xBridge-Global where we are located, has also been selected as a contracted business operator, and we will promote collaboration among business operators.

About NEXTBLUEII Limited Liability Partnership

Partners: Kanako Inoue, Vincent Tan, Yuichi Kori
Location: 3-1-3 Nihonbashi, 2nd Floor, xBridge-Global, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan

After graduating from Hitotsubashi University, Yuichi worked at companies such as RenRen and F-code, before then founding Otsumu in 2010. From 2015, he supported various accelerator programs (such as the program with Asahi Newspaper), and from 2017 started and began operating his own VC fund called Reality Accelerator.

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