We are proud to announce our investment in Sturdy


We are proud to announce our investment in Sturdy. This $1.5M seed round is from Nextblue, SCNE Ventures (with GitHub co-founder Scott Chacon), J12 Ventures (Alexander Paterson Pochet), TrueSight Ventures (Hampus Monthan Nordenskjöld), Unpopular Ventures, and a team of amazing angels.

Kiril Videlov and Gustav Westling founded Sturdy to make lightweight, easy to use and collaborative tools available to all programmers.

Please visit https://getsturdy.com/ to try sturdy if you are a programmer and seek a great collaborative tool.

After graduating from Hitotsubashi University, Yuichi worked at companies such as RenRen and F-code, before then founding Otsumu in 2010. From 2015, he supported various accelerator programs (such as the program with Asahi Newspaper), and from 2017 started and began operating his own VC fund called Reality Accelerator.

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