Andreas, Olausson, Virtusize CEO

I first met Yuichi 6 years ago and he has supported me ever since. He has been an important factor in why I was able to recruit the right people and the success for my fund raising. After that he also continued to help me by teaching me how to succeed as a startup in Japan.

*Reality Accelerator = NEXTBLUE’s former fund that Yuichi Kori operates.


They proactively helped to connect me with potential partners and relevant stakeholders, and this began even before they formally invested in us! I am very grateful to be connected to such a “hands-on VC.” I don’t say this lightly, as there are VCs out there who say they support but they don’t, in this case, I can truly say that the help was real and I am thankful to them!

Takanobu Kawano, VACAN CEO

I wanted to work with them because of their wealth of experience with SaaS business, their knowledge of sales know-how, and their personality, which I believe will allow them to help me overcome any difficulties in the future.